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Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders
Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders is easier to use and understand than traditional 360 feedback program. The online assessment offers a selectable comments feature, Comment Smart, where raters can give focused, balanced, constructive feedback—that the leader can actually use. This time-saving option allows raters to expand on their ratings by choosing from a list of highly-tested comments. It combines clear visuals and a conversational narrative style to interpret and explain the data, making the report easy to understand and use.

Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders answers that question by giving leaders their next steps with the three things they can focus on now—strategies to improve their leadership effectiveness that can be put into action immediately. The 363 Coaching Supplement is available at no additional cost with all 363 for Leaders profiles. Leaders can have unlimited raters in the following groups: Direct Reports, Peers, Manager and Others. The profile also provides a comprehensive listing of rater comments.

A variety of resources are available to help you get Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders up and running in your organization—all at no additional charge! Visit www.363forleaders.com for: Communication templates; The Everything DiSC 363 Coaching Supplement; Narrated video tutorials.
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