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Hiring a Management Consultant: 4 Simple Steps


By: Dr. Devona E. G. Williams

I met with a prospective client who inspired this article.  She had never hired a consultant before and was not sure what questions to ask, how to proceed to contract for work, and how a management consultant would work actually perform the work for her organization.  Most of all, she was not sure if she actually needed to hire a consultant in the first place!  There are four steps that might simplify the steps in hiring a management consultant or outsourcing a professional services project for your business.  If you are a small business or management consultant, you may find some helpful tips here that you can use as well.

Step 1: Have a good reason


5 Ways to Lose your Followers: Making Bad Leadership Good


By: Dr Devona E. G. Williams

Leadership is a dynamic relationship between followers and leaders.  Without followers you cannot lead.  A follower can decide at any time for any number of reasons not to follow the leader.  When that happens the leader’s duty is over.  Whether it’s formal or informal – in a business or social setting, the leader without followers loses status and followers become disinterested.  We are seeing this unfold on the world stage today as business and political leaders fail to lead.  Bad leaders are ineffective because they destroy the bond with their followers.

Leadership is ability of one individual to exercise influence over a group of people.  The ability to influence can be related to power and authority.  Power relationships are formed formally and informally through relationships and they are inextricably tied together.  As a follower your degree of choice can cause tight or lose bonds with your leader.  Choosing to follow someone willingly because you like them, like a mentor is the strongest form of leadership. When you are required to follow someone because they have direct authority over you or because they have greater power than you, and it is coercive or abusive – that is the weakest form of leadership/followership. 

Here are five ways to lose your followership and your ability to lead:


8 Quick Steps to Improve Productivity

To be competitive in the marketplace today takes more than lowering prices or expanding your product line. To stay profitable today companies have to improve productivity. Here are some simple ways to do it.

While productivity issues may need more study to determine if there are serious problems, many managers have found that communicating key information and changing their point of view have helped improve productivity.

Communicate Universal Outcomes

Try to describe clearly the outcomes you and the organization want to see. Tell people what you envision for the future"owhat it looks like, who's involved, what your products and services are. If you can describe the outcomes you envision, you will more easily be able to figure out how to reach them, and you'll know when you've done it.


How Your Behavioral Style Can Impact Your Business


By Dr. Devona Williams


Are you a risk taker?  Do you like to interact with customers? Are you the type of entrepreneur who likes to work on group projects in collaboration with others? Or do you prefer to work alone analyzing detailed work?


Understanding your behavioral style can help you succeed in your business, whether your work requires you to talk on the telephone with vendors, meet in person with customers, work with others to deliver your products or communicate over the Internet.  Every style has strengths and limitations.  And strengths if overused, can be weaknesses.


Most people have a primary behavioral style


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