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Spice of Life™ Diversity Cards
Foster interactive dialogue on diversity and inclusive using a deck of 47 cards featuring questions and group activities on four major areas of diversity awareness: Knowledge, Understanding, Acceptance and Behavior.

Wild cards, an ouch card for offenses and training guide are included

Ideal for workplace and social settings

Copyright 2003.
Card Deck packaged in a shrink-wrapped box
ISBN 0-937383-18-X

About the Author
Dr. Devona Williams, PhD is the President/CEO of Goeins-Williams Associates, Inc. and has conducted soft skills training, consulting and professional speaking successfully for over thirteen (13) years. The Spice of Life™ Diversity Card Training Tool is the result of a comprehensive three (3) year project. The scenarios and questions presented in the tool reflects the inputs of hundreds of clients and individual real world issues presented and addressed during actual training with government, non-profit and corporate organizations. Among others, Inscape Publishing, a Wiley Brand has endorsed this product.
Spice of Life is registered trademark of GWA. The Spice of Life Diversity Cards are registered copyright of GWA.

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