About the book

Do you want to be an independent business management consultant?  Or are you already consulting part time and want to figure out how to grow your business into a full time practice?  Then this is the book for you.

The Intentional Consultant details the personal story of author, Dr. Devona Williams, who created a sustainable independent management consulting practice of over 20 years.  The author reveals her secrets to success and useful steps to consider for those who intentionally plan to have a career as a business consultant.

 Excerpts from the book

Why do you want to be a consultant? What is it that you will be consulting about? Who will be your clients? Why will they come to you? Why will they pay you? How can you quit your day job to be able to work as a consultant full-time? What do you need to do to be able to build the consulting practice to sustain it over time? These are some of the core questions that this book will address.

Many people dream about owning a business and what some people don’t realize is that all businesses start small. And unlike many other businesses that sell products, consultants sell themselves. If you have the dream that you can be a business consultant, that you have skills that can be turned into services of some sort that customers will be willing to buy, then you can become a business consultant. You can become an intentional consultant.

An intentional consultant is a person who plans their management consulting practice and builds it for sustainability. It is not happenstance. It is not accidental. It is not something that you do until you find another job. It is what you choose to do to develop a sustainable livelihood for yourself. And it can happen, but you must follow a process and be committed to it and probably work harder than most people, especially early on.

So to change your dream into reality you must follow the process.  Some of the process steps include preparing yourself to be consultant-things like gathering experiences, developing your initial business plan and building your credentials. The rest of the steps to building a sustainable consulting business are shared in detail in this book.


I found the book to be very insightful, filled with practical guidance on what it takes to build a successful consulting business that will survive in today’s economic environment. Those who are just starting a business as well as those who have been in business for many years can use the marketing principles outlined in the book to grow their business. I will definitely use this book as a key reference for my coaching practice clients.

Brenda J. Thomas, PhD, Career Development and Transition Coach

The Intentional Consultant is a must-read for entrepreneurs! Devona’s tips for success and pitfalls to avoid have been instrumental as I’ve grown my consulting services into a full-time practice. Her advice about finding your niche, determining fees and handling operations is especially valuable, and I recommend The Intentional Consultant to both practicing and aspiring consultants!

Stacey Haddock Schiller, Stacey Ink Marketing & Communications

I have operated my own business and or been in a business consultancy role in both the public and private sector for close to 25 years. Dr. Williams’ book is the most comprehensive, practical “how to” book on establishing a small business consultancy that I have read. It’s a book written from by successful business owner who has owned and operated her business for 25 years, who also has the academic credentials to substantiate her approach….a truly unique combination of actual business experience from a well-educated practitioner. A must read for new and existing small business owners!

Ken Anderson, Director, Entrepreneurial & Small Business Support, State of Delaware

I stayed awake last night reading it from “KIVER TO KIVER” before going to sleep. CONGRATULATIONS! I FOUND YOUR BOOK TO BE VERY ENGAGING, INFORMATIVE AND INSTRUCTIVE. I feel sure it will instruct, guide and help a lot of people who are or inspire to become that INTENTIONAL CONSULTANT.

Lozelle DeLuz, DeLuz Consulting

Devona’s book, The Intentional Consultant, is an engaging, intelligent blueprint, based on her experience developing her successful consulting business. By telling her own story, she shares her knowledge in a uniquely personal way while offering savvy insights that can help a reader build virtually any business. I highly recommend it.

Victoria Wright, Owner/Editor, Bookmark Services


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