Values, mission, and vision are keys to organizational success

For any type of organization, the value, mission, and vision statements are vital components of the organizational structure to achieve and maintain success. These statements are so much more than just words and phrases recited by organizational members; each statement is a critical aspect in developing a thriving environment in which the organization and its members can achieve their desired goals. The three statements should be fully understood by employees throughout the organization, and every employee should diligently strive to ensure that the values, mission, and vision are upheld. Although these components of organizations correlate with one another, each statement exemplifies its own unique factors that have a significant impact on the organization and its members.

Value Statement

The value statement requires the organization and its members to intentionally self-reflect. The value statement poses the question “What defines us?” There are two levels to constructing a value statement. This first level revolves around present values. The members of an organization determine what values are currently evident and expressed. Present values are the determining characteristics that the organization embodies. The second level when constructing value statements is determining aspirational values. Aspirational values elicit what the organization is striving to become. The members of the organization determine what values they must build upon, adapt, and gain for the organization to achieve their defined meaning of success. A value statement is essential for creating an organizational culture and encouraging the desired attitudes and behaviors that are necessary for success.

Mission Statement  

The mission statement is the guiding force for the productivity and performance of an organization. When constructing this statement, the members of the organization should ask themselves, “What do we do and why?” The mission of any organizational structure provides it with purpose and the mission statement brings that purpose to life. This statement should be precise and concrete as to what is expected of employees by the work performed by and at the organization. The mission statement is crucial because it outlines the direction for the work being done at the organization and reinforces the reason for the members’ efforts.

Vision Statement

The final statement constructed by an organization is the vision the statement. The value and mission statement of an organization defines who that organization is and what they do, while the vision statement proclaims who and what the organization desires to become. The vision statement brings together all the goals and aspirations of the members and the organization and conveys them in a clear expression. Both the values and mission of an organization are incorporated into its vision and are the necessary objectives for that vision to be realized. The vision statement is so important because it is the tangible idea of what all the efforts involved with the organization are working towards.

Successful organizations are encouraged to have these three statements as the foundation for the organizational structure. Each statement should be regularly referred to by employees and expressed by organizational members. The statements should be constructed with full engagement and fair representation of the entirety of the organization to ensure complete understanding. Reviewing statements on an annual basis and as part of onboarding of new employees will ensure that everyone who is a part of the organization is working in support of the meaning behind the statements. With the right values, mission, and vision, achieving and maintaining success is possible for everyone.


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