15 Ways to Make Room for the New

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I’m so tired of the pandemic and talking about life before Covid and life in the here and now. It’s been three years.

So, to start off the New Year I woke up with this thought – how do we make room for the new thinking and not get stuck in the past? My motto during Covid was – just because the world stood still doesn’t mean we have to…

The old way of thinking was what we can’t do and thinking in terms of restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

But many of those restrictions, many of which were necessary, are still in our minds.

Is your mind restricted? Are you still living on Zoom or dressing like you don’t have to interact with another human being?

Are you more into your devices that you are with people and relationships?

Have you grown more isolated and made your new friend Google or video games?

How many hours a day are you spending on social media watching meaningless videos and reading conversations from strangers?

Is one day just morphing into another? When you look back at the last year, how did you spend your time?

Hmmm… here’s the challenge. Wake up and take control of your life and your life’s purpose.

Time is such a gift in our life. It is a commodity that should not be wasted.

Are you ready to refresh? Here is my list of 15 ways to make room for the new in the coming year.

  1. Focus. Pick one thing on your “To Do” list and do it. Start with a baby step and work to make progress weekly. Add a weekly appointment with yourself on your calendar. Mark your progress and celebrate small milestones.
  2. Connect. Reach out to a friend you really enjoyed but fell out of touch with over the years. Make a play date to visit in person. Connect with mentors, teachers, coaches who have mentored you and let you know how much they’ve met to you.
  3. Remember. Go through old photos, journals, or boxes in the attic. Take the time to enjoy reminiscing. If inspired, digitalize a few memories, and share them with family or friends.
  4. Get Real. Push away the computer and Smart phone. Take off your headphones. Go outside and take a walk, garden, or talk to neighbors. Listen to the sounds of nature and your own thoughts.
  5. Exercise. Take up a new dance class or try a new sport. Ask a friend that you’ve been wanting to spend more time with to join you.
  6. Vacay. Plan a family vacation now. Pick a date now and commit to it.
  7. Show Up. Be more present at work. If your job has switched to a hybrid format, plan to have lunch with a co-worker when you get into the office. Be intentional on building work relationships.
  8. Be Kind. Do something good for someone you don’t know. Try to be pleasant in all your surroundings with people you know and to strangers. Use your manners.
  9. Seek Joy. Find something to be happy about every day. Let someone else know. Share your happiness and joy with others. It can be infectious. Smile.
  10. Fix it. Repair broken relationships and be the bigger person. Fix relationships and fix yourself. Forgive and try to forget.
  11. Practice positivity. Think positive thoughts, speak positive words, and take positive actions. See what a difference it can make in attracting positive people toward you.
  12. Do something different. Be open to new ideas and ways of doing things. Change an old routine. Try something new that takes you out of your comfort zone. Write in your journal something you learn about yourself. If you like the experience, repeat it.
  13. Learn. Read about a new culture, an interest you may have, or learn a new language. If you’re spending time on social media, use it to develop yourself personally and professionally.
  14. Inspire. Your actions can make a difference in the lives of other people. Live your life so you are building a legacy. Contact your high school or college alumni chapter and become involved. Consider becoming a mentor or provide meaningful support.
  15. Love. Let your children, parent and grandparents know how much you love them. If you haven’t said it in a while – say it!

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