Your business performance metrics

What are you looking for…in your business performance metrics?

I couldn’t resist taking this photo of my cat staring out the window.  He does this every day and sits for hours at a time.  He’s always attentive and chooses the same spot.  I decided to sit there near him and look to see if I could figure out what he was looking for and I honestly could not determine it.  Is it the birds? The activity in the neighborhood? The occasional car driving by? The weather?

It occurred to me that many of us are like my kitty always looking out the window, searching but not sure what we are looking for.  Let’s take a moment and apply this to business performance.  What are you looking for in your business? More revenue? More customers? More publicity? Better employees?

If you are looking for something for your business and you are not exactly sure what it is you want or need now is a good time to look at your company’s business performance metrics.

  • How did the majority of your customers find you the last quarter? Is the way your customers found you different than this time last year or the year before?
  • Look back over the last six months.  What is the weakest area of performance for your business?  What could you do to make some improvement in this area?
  • Examine your business profitability in the last six month.  What was your biggest profit center? How can you capitalize on this?
  • How do your employees feel about working in your company?  When is the last time you asked them? How can input from your employees help grow the business?


Take the time to look into these performance metrics and you may find what you are looking for in your business – the opportunity to improve your company’s performance.  If you like these business performance metrics make this your benchmark information.  Revisit these same performance metrics six months from now.

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