Blocked on Blogging: 25 Reasons


I must confess that I have been blocked on blogging the last couple of months.  Was it the summer, social issues, my work, or just plain old procrastination that got in the way? Well I finally was able to muster up the courage to get back on my “blogging horse”.  So here is my list my reasons that I put off blogging for a while.  For my fellow bloggers I am sure you can relate to my reasons.  For others of you who have put off other important but not urgent matters, you may also identify with this list.  For my readers, please forgive my lack of consistency for not posting regularly this summer.  So here goes.

  1. Stressed out over social issues.
  2. Stressed out.
  3. Overwhelmed by events.
  4. Global unrest.
  5. Too much commentary on everything from everybody ranging from politics to Miley Cyrus’ MTV performance.
  6. Global warming and weather.
  7. Work commitments.
  8. Summer vacation.
  9. Summer weather.
  10. Attitude.
  11. Too much to write about and not knowing where to start.
  12. Too little to write about.
  13. Feeling that no one will care about what I’ve written.
  14. Lack of time.
  15. Dealing with personal issues.
  16. Dealing with major work deadlines.
  17. Procrastination.
  18. Solving other people’s problems.
  19. Letting other people’s agenda become my agenda.
  20. Writing an idea and not following through.
  21. Writing a blog and failing to post it.
  22. Failing to prioritize.
  23. Putting it off made it easier to put off.
  24. Filling the time up with other things.
  25. Getting out of the habit.


Do you see yourself in this list for anything else that you’ve committed to do but simply can’t find the time or motivation to do it?  If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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