Business Strategy: Are You Flying Like an Eagle in Your Business?

When is the last time you saw a bald eagle fly? Recently I saw a bald eagle fly overhead while I was driving.  In that brief period I made some keen observations about this magnificent creature.

  • The eagle doesn’t just fly, it soars.
  • The eagle soars with a purpose for a target that it is seeking.
  • The bald eagle’s head is pointed forward and it scans the environment in search of its target.

Are you like a bald eagle when it comes to your business?

What is it that makes your soar?  How do you find the time or the mindset to pull yourself away from your business operations or day to day grind to soar above the fray so you can have an eagle eye’s view?

Do you know your purpose or mission or why your business exists?  What need or needs do you fulfill?  How do you articulate this? Can you state your mission succinctly?  Is it written down?  If so, when is the last time that you looked at it?

Scanning the environment is necessary to be able to understand your competition, respond to trends and deal with obstacles that may get in the way of you reaching your target.

Are your targets clearly defined?  In your business this can mean your niche or focus, your targeted customers or clients.  Are you are the right path to clarifying your niche and finding your targets?

If you can take time to “fly like a bald eagle in your business” you will:

  • Stay strategic
  • Operate with a purpose
  • Scan your environment
  • Find your niche and your targets


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